About us

We are a family from Buenos Aires, Argentina that one day had the desire to settle in the End of the World: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, in love with its landscapes, its people and its history.

The words of the millenary idish language “Mamele & Bobe” mean “mommy” and “grandmother”. They allude to feelings, containment, love, memories of stories of immigrant families united under their millenary Jewish tradition through the kitchen.


Ashkenazi Sephardic Cuisine

Both cultures are present in our gastronomy as a way of combining the different culinary customs of the Jewish community.

Ashkenazi is the name given to Jews of European origin who settled in Central and Eastern Europe in the 10th century.

The word Sephardic means “Spanish” in Hebrew and identifies the Jewish descendants who resided in the Iberian Peninsula until the fifteenth century, which are linked to the Hispanic culture.

Our Specialties

among other delicacies ...

we also offer

  • Matza fritters based on matzah flour
  • Kreplaj de carne – stuffed with meat and spices
  • Apple Latkes – Apple and Cinnamon
  • Potato Latkes (Fritters)
    Leicaj – honey cake
  • Stuffed Pletzalej – kosher and poppy flour based dough; stuffed with pastrón and cucumbers

Kosher products

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